Samara Shuter

Samara Marlee Shuter (b. 1986) is a contemporary Canadian artist known for her strikingly bold paintings of men’s suits. Born in Montreal, Shuter is an untrained artist who began her career in the film industry. Since 2012, Shuter has staged multiple solo exhibitions of her work, participated in numerous group exhibitions and donated her work to major public institutions and charities. Her work has been showcased throughout Canada and the United States at such esteemed sites as the Rockefeller Center in NYC and the Bronx Museum of the Arts. She has been sought out by established brands such as Facebook, Timberland Shoes, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Microsoft, Schott, CHANEL, Saks Fifth Avenue and Saturday Night Live for special projects featuring her art.

Shuter allows her past experiences to inform her artwork: the bold colors and graphic patterns for which Shuter is renowned, are largely inspired by the artist’s family’s roots in the textile industry. Her work is motivated by her explorations of fashion, symmetry and composition, with an ongoing analysis of ego, character, connection and a constant desire for self-expression.

Shuter currently lives and works in Toronto.


Getting to Know You #9 (Painting)

Vita da Sogno

Music That Henry Made


The Introduction #15

The Introduction #12

The Introduction #19

The Introduction #16

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