Dieter Hessel was born in Ottawa and has lived and worked in Toronto since graduating with a degree in Photographic Arts at Ryerson University in 1979. His extensive work with editorial and commercial clients has helped to hone his technical and artistic skills, developing a style strong in design and composition. He applies these same sensibilities to his fine art images, always accentuating the quality of light and working to unearth the best in any subject. The revolution in digital processes has allowed for even greater exploration in his work. In a world as visually complex as ours, it is sometimes difficult to recognize or distill the hidden beauty that surrounds us and through his imagery he hopes to reveal what is often unseen.

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Flatiron 2014


Colleen Clancy is a native of Toronto. She studied and worked in several creative fields before choosing to work full-time as an artist. She studied printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design and enjoyed the graphic boldness of silkscreen, linocut and stencilling. She worked with a furniture-maker to produce a line of hand-stencilled furniture and accessories. Intrigued by computer graphics software, she learned to use them to create graphic art, illustrations and posters. Influenced by early and mid-twentieth-century posters and illustrations, she uses the forms of the past to express the present. She brings the same sensibilty to the commercial work she does believing that good design enhances communication.

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Yonge Lawrence Village BIA Directory Cover of September 2017 By Colleen Clancey, Toronto

BIA Directory Cover - September 2017


1238H Queen Street East
Toronto, ON  M4L 1C3


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